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Specialty Pharmacies

Take The “Ship Smarter” Approach to Parcel Management – Even Before You Ship

ParcelShield FS

Your large specialty pharmacy can hand off the administration hassle of parcel management to us with our full service (FS) solution. We do-it-for-you (DIFY). Think of ParcelShield FS as your always-on, full service shipping “Parcel Care Coordinator.

ParcelShield Predictive Deliverability Alerts

See how ParcelShield works. Know if shipment routes are ideal for on-time deliveries or if they’re at risk for parcel distress. We’ll email you deliverability alerts by location daily.

ParcelShield FS

Eliminate manual, time-consuming processes, maximize hidden cost savings & reduce reships through our full-service, we do-it-for-you (DIFY) parcel management solution backed by predictive analytics, machine learning, & proprietary Weather Farm™ statistical modeling—throughout the entire parcel journey. Benefit from our technology + hands-on administration.

  • Save time & resources with our full-service we do-it-for-you (DIFY) solution.
  • Make parcel management more efficient, scalable & predictable with smarter technology built on machine learning & predictive analytics.
  • Predict & avoid potential route disruptions based on trends & patterns from years of historical data combined with time modeling of carriers’ networks.
  • Ensure the greatest chance of on-time delivery & reduce reships for all packages — throughout the entire parcel journey — from your pharmacy into your patients’ hands.
  • Avoid weather-distressed parcels with ParcelShield’s proprietary weather disruption management tool — Weather Farm™ — a machine learning technique that constantly analyzes 40 different weather elements that can impact the carrier’s delivery performance.
  • Get advanced deliverability alerts to circumvent delays — before you ship.
  • Get robust parcel rescue capabilities — based on customized workflows — for when carriers can’t complete on-time deliveries to ensure the highest and most consistent recovery rates.
  • Access a nationwide engage & rescue solution based on your own unique business rules.
  • Meet accreditation & compliance requirements with instant access to proof-of-delivery data — housed by ParcelShield for up to 10 years.
  • Know your customers are always kept in the loop with proactive patient delivery communications & alerts.
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ParcelShield Parcel Deliverability Alert Benefits

ParcelShield’s technology pulls & delivers hard-to-find, real world data for the most accurate & meaningful shipping route deliverability predictions. Subscribe & we’ll send daily parcel deliverability alerts (for your packages scheduled for shipping today with delivery tomorrow) built on:

  • Machine learning
  • NOAA weather alerts
  • Historical weather data
  • Historical weather impact on commercial aircraft delays & traffic patterns
  • Real-time parcel carrier performance data
  • Updates on regions with a probability for service degradation
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Get Parcel Deliverability Alerts

Forget checking & re-checking multiple weather services & carriers for best-guess estimates & deciphering data. You don’t have time for that. But ParcelShield does. Subscribe for daily parcel deliverability alerts.

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