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Leave the Parcel Science to Us

Predictive parcel science works to make parcel shipping & recovery predictable, efficient, and scalable.

What is Predictive Parcel Science?

One part obsession + one part machine learning + one part predictive power = Proprietary Predictable Performance

At ParcelShield, we’re obsessed with building predictive parcel technologies in ways that make specialty pharmacies & your patients more successful in therapy management.

Your Powerful Parcel Command Center Designed for Efficiency, Scalability & Predictability

Make parcel management more efficient, scalable, and predictable with a command center built on machine learning and predictive analytics.

ParcelShield’s predictive science uses artificial intelligence based on machine learning (it learns on its own) to eliminate manual, time-consuming parcel management processes. With this powerful science, specialty pharmacies can automate accurate predictions on changing shipping & deliverability conditions. These predictions can — & often do — save specialty pharmacies thousands, if not millions of dollars in avoided lost revenue.

Our patent-pending predictive technology platform is built on 17 years of granular freight data from some of the world’s largest shipping carriers plus our embedded machine learning algorithms. These algorithms incorporate past & current data patterns from a vast number of sources to make precise deliverability predictions.

Our science does more than predict. It automatically responds to deliverability & shipping scenarios. For example. if a parcel becomes distressed, we’ve built automated workflows into the platform, which drive specific actions that have the highest probability of recovering your parcels without extracting them from carrier networks—saving you significant time and money.

Parcel shipping & recovery solved by science.

Predictive parcel science sounds complex — & it is. But, it makes for a much more efficient & predictable experience for specialty pharmacies & your patients.

Leave the parcel science to us. Ship smarter — from your pharmacy into your patients’ hands.

Proprietary Weather Farm™ Technology

Weather events can cause parcel distress, which in turn results in costly effects for specialty pharmacies and your patients. ParcelShield developed its proprietary Weather Farm technology to help reduce the probability of parcel distress and optimize parcel rescue services.

At the heart of ParcelShield’s solutions is our proprietary Weather Farm technology—a machine learning technique that constantly analyzes 40 different weather elements that can impact the carrier’s delivery performance. It combines statistical modeling and a continuous feed of:

  • NOAA weather alerts
  • Historical weather data
  • Historical weather impact on commercial aircraft delays & traffic patterns
  • Real-time parcel carrier performance data
  • Updates on regions with a probability for service degradation

Through Weather Farm technology, we fill the carrier gap between the 96.2 percent & the 99.9 percent on-time delivery rate that’s expected to help ensure no specialty therapy patient is ever left behind.


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