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Justin Merth

Chief Software Architect at ParcelShield, LLC

Justin Merth, the Chief Software Architect at ParcelShield, is no stranger to artificial intelligence, machine learning, and developing systems architecture that works hand-in-hand with human decision-making and drives more efficient business processes. With nearly two decades of software engineering background, Justin is an authority on distributed systems architecture who serves as the software engineering brains and brawn behind ParcelShield’s predictive parcel science: the scalable, web-based parcel management solution that solves complex learning, planning, and decision-making challenges for healthcare organizations nationwide.


“Business problems are what make me tick,” says Justin. “My focus always has been to develop systems architecture that intelligently solves business problems, improves business workflows and optimizes cost management for organizations, plus simplifies and enhances outcomes for their customers in constantly-changing conditions.”


Justin attended the University of Montana and specializes in distributed systems architecture, Microsoft Azure, c#, Microsoft Sql Server, Agile, and

Business problems are what make me tick.”