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Careers At ParcelShield

Are you obsessed with machine learning, predictive analytics & statistical modeling — plus how they can solve real-world medication shipment problems?

Interested in safeguarding precious specialty medication shipments from pharmacies all the way into their patients’ hands? Then you might have what it takes to join our predictive parcel science movement. View open positions.

At ParcelShield, our mission is to build a more predictable world for specialty pharmacies & the patients they serve.

For years, ParcelShield has made parcel management more efficient, scalable & predictable with a command center technology solution built on machine learning and predictive analytics.

We’ve engineered the #1 Intelligent Parcel Management & Rescue Logistics Solution for Specialty Pharmacies.

ParcelShield, with our proprietary Weather Farm technology, helps specialty pharmacies safeguard revenue, drive on-time therapy deliveries & experience fewer distressed parcels, plus provides the most advanced rescue logistics & support solution in the industry.

We value bright minds, big ideas & breakthrough science. If you’ve got a mind for predictive parcel science & the heart for improving pharmacy and patient therapy outcomes, please fill out the form and let us know!